The O Spa

                                    Balance is the Key.

The O Spa's skin treatments are exclusive so that focus can be placed upon your skin's individual needs. Everyone's skin is unique with different   needs, which means everyone's skin will be treated uniquely at The O Spa! Together, let's reach your skin's optimal well being.  Relax your mind, soul and body with one of the treatments listed below, while giving   your skin a dose of the nourishing minerals and vitamins that it craves daily as it endures environmental agression. In addition, become educated on ways you can continuously deceive the natural aging process and better the health and overall wellness of your skin with skin balancing techniques.


The Facial 60 (60 minutes) 


A 60 minute face treatment that includes:  analysis of the skin with basic cleansing and exfoliating techniques, steam and extraction treatments (if desired/necessary), lymphatic massage with realxing pessure point techiques and a skin balancing masque followed by moisturization/protection.  

The Facial 30 (30 minutes) 


In a shortened version of The Facial 60, experience refreshment with corrective techniques and an exfoliation treatment or a masque treatment (depending on your skin's needs).  This shortened treatment is perfect for those that are on the go!   

The Back 60 (60 minutes) 


This treatment will improve the overall appearance of your skin.  It is perfect for those experiencing challenges on the back, seasonal changes or imbalanced skin. 

*Please let me know if you are allergic to iodine or seafood prior to The Back 60*


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